Spirits, wines, beers, alcoholic drinks? BUMASER S.A. has your solution!


We are international producers, distributors and consultants in the field of wines and spirits since 1989. We mainly supply bulk to bottling and distilling companies on the global market.

With our experience and expertise for 30 years, we provide our customers with technical solutions, research and development for new products to complete their current range.

Our office is located in Brussels and our customs and excise warehouse is located in the port of Antwerp.

We are present in more than thirty countries.

Our products


We cover the following activities:

  • research development
  • production and maturation
  • purchase
  • import
  • assembly
  • packaging
  • transportation
  • bottling process
  • warehousing and distribution
Our services

Personalised services and flexibility

BUMASER S.A. adapts to the needs of each client and offers a personalised and flexible service at all levels such as logistics (sea, rail, land, air), warehousing (in Antwerp, Belgium), blending, bottling , packaging, customs clearance, translation of Belgian, European and international legislation..

Quality, safety and certification

BUMASER S.A. is a BRCGS A&B, IFS certified Broker.

Quality and food safety are essential for our consultancy and international trading activity. We provide full traceability of our products.

Loyalty and sector compliance

BUMASER S.A. ensures the strictest respect for the sectors as well as that of its customers by preserving their distribution channels in order to avoid any unintended competition.

Product authenticity

BUMASER S.A. applies a strictly legal commercial approach towards the products' authenticity in terms of names, origins and labelling.

Research and development

BUMASER S.A. offers its professional skills through technical solutions, new formulas, or new products in order to innovate.



Our quality policy is built based on standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We are a broker certified by the International Featured Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Global Standards for Agents and Brokers (BRCGS A&B), ensuring food safety, traceability and product authenticity.


IFS Broker

BRCGS Agents and Brokers